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How do you Play Horn and Whirl Bets?

Horn Betting in Craps

A horn bet is single roll bet with the combination of numbers 12, 11, 3 and 2. The horn bet actually has four individual bets on numbers 12,11,3 and 2. So, your bet is divided into four parts. Just like the three way craps bet, if you win in the Horn bet, you will win on the shown number and lose the remaining three bets.

Craps horn betsIf the number points to a 2, then the payoff ratio will be 30:1 and immediately you will lose the bet of 11, 12 and 3.

If a shooter points to a 12, then too the payoff ratio will be 30:1 and the bet of 11, 3, and 2 will be lost. The chips boxes are clearly kept in the following numbers individually.

Since the dealer of the casino has complete control of the Horn Bet, so he will divide the chips into four parts and put them on the 12, 11, 3 and 2 boxes. Generally most of the casinos keep boxes for Horn Bets.

Whenever you make a horn Bet in craps always keep in mind that after the division into four parts, the chips have to be even in number i.e. they must be divisible in four parts. Most of them must not be aware of the fact that if there are one two or three extra chips, then they will be taken over by the casino itself.

In case you win and if the payoff includes some fractions of a dollar, then as the casino cannot pay you the fraction, it will keep it for them. Most of the players due to their lousy nature would not want to do the mathematics will probably give a treat to the casino.

They would prefer tossing for one $5 chip and then say "horn High Twelve". Now, after this the dealer will make four non fraction bets and put the leftover on the called number. For a Horn High 12, a $5 chip will be changed by the dealer into five 1$ chips.

Then, the dealer will then put one dollar each on the numbers 12,11,3 and 2. Then, for the remaining $ 1, the dealer will put the same in number 12. So that will make $2 for the number 12 bet. So, the number 12 will have higher amount of bet as compared to the other three ones.

Whirl Bets in Craps

Craps whirl betsA whirl bet also called as the world is a single roll bet with the combination of all four Horn Bets as well as the Any Seven.

Therefore, your calculation should be such that your bet is exactly 20 percent so that they can be equally dealt in the five numbers.

A player wins a whirl bet if he wins any of the five numbers i.e. 12, 11, 3, 2 or a 7 and will lose if any of the numbers don't show up.

So, if it shows a 3 or an 11, then the payouts will be in the ratio of 15:1 and immediately the other numbers lose. If it's 2 or a 12, then the ratio of payout will be 30:1 and the others will lose.

If the number seven shows up, then the payoff ratio will be 4:1 and you will lose the number 3, 2, 12, and 11. Basically, if you roll a seven on a whirl bet, you get your money back.

It all depends on the layout of the table that the Whirl Bet should have a separate box or not at the center of a casino table. If the layout does not approve of the box, then the dealer will typically divide the chips into five parts and will place them accordingly in the numbers.

Again, if you win, the result of the payoff has fractions of one dollar then the casino will not pay you the fraction and will keep for them. You have to be smart and play smart too and learn the proper technique of playing the craps in the right manner. Now that you know the rules of the game, play the craps with a correct strategy.